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Estiasis Software

Witec produces Estiasis software in a Windows environment and has integrated solutions for Hospitality facilities, as well as the intensive retail program Estiasis Retail and commercial applications for any business. Witec features state-of-the-art Point of Sales systems and professional PDAs, as well as state-of-the-art cash registers that meet all the needs of the market and intensive retail industry
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Estiasis Software

ESTIASIS software is a complete restaurant management program and covers all the needs for complete control and computerization of your restaurant.

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Windows Wireless Ordering

ESTIASIS Wireless Ordering Software is a complete order management program and covers all the basic needs for a fast and efficient ordering of mass catering.

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24|7|365 Customer Support

WITEC‘s Technical Support is available 24|7|365 for our customers!

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Smart Delivery Estiasis

Smart Delivery Estiasis is a Delivery Management software that covers all the needs for managing Delivery via Internet and Smart Phone.

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Witec solutions are a benchmark of development both in terms of functionality, usability and technology, evidenced by the innovative digital price list Estiasis Smart Menu,which is the ideal solution for replacing traditional price lists with a smart, stunning, easy and practical application on tablet pc.

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