Windows Wireless Ordering

Witec was founded in 1993 and is the leading company that implemented the first wireless ordering facility in Greece, on the island of Rhodes; the Italian restaurant “Da Gilberto” ESTIASIS Wireless Ordering Program is a complete order management program and covers all the basic needs for a fast and efficient ordering of mass catering. Witec, Read more about Windows Wireless Ordering[…]

Customer Loyalty System

Online Loyalty System – Multiuser Loyalty is a “marketing tool” that can give a business a significant competitive edge. Loyalty software leverage the wealth of information that comes from dealing with business customers in order to highlight the trends and moments of their consumer behavior. In our time, it’s a very cost-effective way to show Read more about Customer Loyalty System[…]

Personnel Access System

The Personnel Access System is designed to fully meet the needs of a business in the field of security and monitoring employee access. Units of Control-Control Units and Card Readers installed in classified segments (central entrance entrances, such as Computer Rooms, workshops, warehouses) of access points to allow authorized access to high-security sites by taking Read more about Personnel Access System[…]

Take Away Software

Estiasis Delivery is a complete Delivery and Take Away software which covers every need of managing Delivery orders and full control over your restaurant distributors.   Witec, with its years of experience in catering, offers a delivery management software handy, fast and efficient for ordering in your store.   Witec’s integrated cash-flow systems are designed Read more about Take Away Software[…]

Hotel Management Software

                Witec can provide you with a Hotel Management Program to cover all your needs for complete control and computerization of your hotel to help  achieve your business and development goals.   Witec Hotel Management Software is based on the latest developments in technology and can be combined Read more about Hotel Management Software[…]

D2O Ordering Solution

  Witec ordering solution ESTIASIS D2O is addressed to every mass caterer, who wish to automate ordering.   The wireless ordering system does not include a computer and can be installed in a few hours, while the program installed on a wireless terminal is easy to use as the graphics are designed with user-friendly orientation. Read more about D2O Ordering Solution[…]

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Witec offers the know-how for thought-out and targeted actions to avoid waiting for your customers and making profit. The need for quality of service in every business classifies customer satisfaction measurement software as an indispensable tool to have a clear picture of customer service quality in your store. Witec’s on-line Measurement System is reliable, flexible, fast, secure, Read more about Customer Satisfaction Measurement[…]

Smart Delivery Estiasis

                    Smart Delivery Estiasis Software   Smart Delivery Estiasis is a Delivery Management program which covers every need of managing Delivery via Internet and Smart Phone. Witec, with its experience in mass catering, offers a Smart Phone or Tablet PC order management software for Internet delivery Read more about Smart Delivery Estiasis[…]

Witec | Your partner

  Always one step ahead; Always near you!   We are Greece’s pioneers in Wireless Ordering Systems since 1993.   We are specialized in mass catering.   We are the most experienced company.   We are near you 24/7/365.   We are your consultant, not just a supplier.   We are always one step ahead Read more about Witec | Your partner[…]

Smart Restaurant Menu

            Smart Menu Restaurant Estiasis program is an electronic pricelist management program that you can manage through Smart Phone or Tablet PC in your store.   Witec, with its experience in mass catering, offers a Smart Phone or Tablet PC order management software, which is handy, fast and efficient for Read more about Smart Restaurant Menu[…]