Customer Loyalty System

Online Loyalty System – Multiuser


Loyalty is a “marketing tool” that can give a business a significant competitive edge.

Loyalty software leverage the wealth of information that comes from dealing with business customers in order to highlight the trends and moments of their consumer behavior.

  • In our time, it’s a very cost-effective way to show your customers that you remember them and give them an incentive for their purchases, depending on the turnover they make in your store!
  • Continuous discounts with a simple discount card degrade the value of your products / services and are not valued by customers as much as points!!!
  • That’s why you are creating a member club where your customers:
  • will be rewarded by turnover and visits
  • receive messages on their mobile for your offers, as well as their holiday / birthday

 and you will have detailed information!


The logic is that by collecting points the customer earns gifts and other privileges (eg special privileges for the client who has a golden card and at the same time reward points for example at 500 points earns a gift voucher of 50 euros for purchases from the store in 2000 points earns a specific gift or voucher of 100 euros and so on, or for example, the 10 visits win one visit a visit).

The point collection has proven to be the most appreciated, in the largest percentage of customers, of the discounts one company can make each time to its members.Παρέχεται με συνδρομή (SaaS) και με δυνατότητα εγκατάστασης στο δικό σας δίκτυο τοπικά!

  • Available with SaaS and can be installed locally on your own network!
  • A bridge with any computerized system!
  • Scanning member card from barcode scanner, qr code scanner AND from any SMARTPHONE !!!