D2O Ordering Solution


Witec ordering solution ESTIASIS D2O is addressed to every mass caterer, who wish to automate ordering.


The wireless ordering system does not include a computer and can be installed in a few hours, while the program installed on a wireless terminal is easy to use as the graphics are designed with user-friendly orientation.


Wireless ordering is based on the philosophy of removing the handwriting of the order. Order blocks are replaced by wireless terminals, which, when they receive the order information from the waiter, transmit them remotely (wirelessly) directly and simultaneously at multiple locations in the Premises and the Cashier.


In addition to the connection of a computer, receipts can be issued from a cash register or tax system, as well as a number of useful reports, which are a valuable tool for the Entrepreneur, to control the efficient operation of his shop.


Your daily activity is now easier than ever, while at the same time increasing the productivity of your staff and the profitability of your business.