ESTIASIS Management Software

ESTIASIS software is a complete restaurant management program and covers all the needs for complete control and computerization of your restaurant.

Witec, with its years of experience in catering, offers a restaurant management software that is easy to use, fast and efficient for ordering in your store.

Witec’s integrated cash-flow systems are designed to provide fast and fast computerization of mass catering businesses to help them achieve their business and development goals.

Witec’s integrated computing solutions include state-of-the-art high-tech equipment, durable construction for use in the most demanding conditions, and our solutions are based on the latest technology developments and can be combined with all of the well-known Singular- Softone-Epsilonnet-Altec-Entersoft).

Witec has a full range of restaurant management software to meet all the requirements of restaurant ordering and computerization and, in general, catering with special packages for each class of business:

Restaurant Software, Hotel Software, Delivery Software, Take-Away Software, Café / Bar Software, Refreshment Software, Pastry Software, Pizza Software, Tavern Schedule, Tavern Schedule, Brewery Software, Software for Steakhouses, Bar-Club Software, Beach Bar Software.

Witec’s enterprise computing solutions are a reference point for developments in mass-catering facilities, both in terms of the functionality of the program, as well as the usability and durability of the equipment.

Witec has a full range of used catering equipment to provide you with affordable restaurant management solutions with the guarantee and reliability we have been offering over the past 21 years.

Witec’s goal is to fully meet the needs of mass caterers in providing consulting services and immediate but effective solutions as well as addressing the customer in the partnership logic.

Since 1993, Witec has been the leader in the Hospitality industry and we are always one step ahead of the competition providing willingly the know-how for thoughtful and targeted actions to avoid customer waiting and offering you a profitable business.