ESTIASIS Software Functions

πρόγραμμα εστιατορίου_ESTIASIS

Restaurant Management Software ESTIASIS covers the following:

Management of wireless terminals with touch screens.
Manage wired and wireless printers.
Management of cash registers, tax printers, tax mechanisms.
Manage tables, categories, items, variations, messages, customers, bookings.
Managing table rooms.
Retail receipts management, invoices, order forms,
Managing sales statistics, fund, waiters, distributors.
Unmanaged warehouse management, suppliers, and cost accounting.
Delivery management and take away.
Manage scanner, bar code, and call ID.
Possibility of selecting a receipt, in whole or in part, with an accompanying consolidated account.
Ability to connect to a recorder for on-line display of camera receipts.
Ability to connect with all commercial programs in the market.
On line connection for checking statistics or price list changes.