Smart Delivery Estiasis














Smart Delivery Estiasis is a Delivery Management software that covers all the needs for managing Delivery via Internet and Smart Phone.

Witec, with its years of experience in mass-catering, delivers an Internet Delivery and Smart Phone management software that is easy to use, fast and efficient for out-of-store ordering.

Witec’s integrated cash-flow systems are designed to provide fast and fast computerization of mass catering businesses to help them achieve their business and development goals.

Witec’s goal is to fully meet the needs of mass caterers in providing consulting services and immediate but effective solutions as well as addressing the customer in the partnership logic.

Since 1993, Witec has been the leader in the Focus field since the company is always stepping forward from its competitors and offers you at no cost the know-how for thoughtful and targeted actions to avoid waiting for your customers to win a profitable business.