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We are Greece’s pioneers in Wireless Ordering Systems since 1993.

We are specialized in mass catering.

We are the most experienced company.

We are near you 24/7/365.

We are your consultant, not just a supplier.

We are always one step ahead of our competitors.

Witec was founded in 1993 and is the leading company that implemented the first wireless ordering facility in Greece, on the island of Rhodes; the Italian restaurant “Da Gilberto”

Witec specializes in wireless ordering systems, cash systems and enterprise computing for the vertical market of mass catering.

Witec produces Estiasis software in a Windows environment and has integrated solutions for focus areas, as well as the intensive retail program Estiasis Retail and commercial applications for any business.

Witec also specializes in camera monitoring and recording systems and in wireless alert systems, offering the most complete solutions in the HORECA market.

Witec cash systems have the ability to be connected to online camera recording systems, ensuring full control of your store with the minimum of time effort.

Estiasis program covers all the needs for the management of coffee bars and restaurants, with the ability to manage orders via the internet and smart phone.

Witec‘s wireless ordering systems work with professional wireless terminals on Windows and Android.

Witec with the Estiasis D2O Android Wireless Ordering System, provides cost-effective solutions for maximum shop control with the lowest investment.

Witec can offer the Estiasis restaurant and delivery program free of charge with zero subscription in the form of a leasing.

Witec features state-of-the-art Point of Sales systems and professional PDAs, as well as state-of-the-art cash registers that meet all the needs of the market and intensive retail industry.

Witec also has integrated computerized systems for a modern and efficient business organization.

Witec solutions are a benchmark of development both in terms of functionality, usability and technology, evidenced by the innovative digital price list Estiasis Smart Menu,which is the ideal solution for replacing traditional price lists with a smart, stunning, easy and practical application on tablet pc.